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Books in the Series

As the series expands, we will add information about the books in the series to this page. 

Encyclopedia of Queer Studies in Education

kamden k. strunk and stephanie anne shelton (eds.)

Queer studies is an extensive field that spans a range of disciplines. This volume focuses on education and educational research and examines and expounds upon queer studies particular to education fields. It works to examine concepts, theories, and methods related to queer studies across PK-12, higher education, adult education, and informal learning. 

The volume takes an intentionally intersectional approach, with particular attention to the intersections of white supremacist cisheteropatriachy. It includes well-established concepts with accessible and entry-level explanations, as well as emerging and cutting-edge concepts in the field. It is designed to be used by those new to queer studies as well as those with established expertise in the field.

Note: This book was published in the Critical Understandings in Education series, and predates the Queer Studies in Education series, but was the origin for this book series.

Bridging the Rainbow Gap: 
Exploring the Possibilities and Tensions in Queer and Trans Studies in Education

antonio duran, kamden strunk, and ryan schey (eds.)

Coming Soon Neon Light

This volume is currently under contract, and expected to be available by mid-2023.

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