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About the Book Series

This series aims to publish research in queer and trans studies in education with an intentional focus on intersectional analyses. As such, volumes in this series take seriously the ways that racism, coloniality, ableism, xenophobia, misogyny, and other systems of oppression are entangled and intersect with cisheterosexism and cisheteropatriarchy. This series aims to publish research that advances the fields of queer studies and trans studies in education, forwarding new theoretical frameworks, novel methodologies, and work that revisits and renovates existing models. The series also aims to publish research that is relevant and useful for practitioners, educators, activists, and communities. As such, authors in the series are asked to keep in mind both academic and non-academic audiences. The series publishes work across various research methodologies and frameworks. The focus on education is broad, and specifically includes early childhood education, PK-12, postsecondary education, adult education, informal community education, and nontraditional sites of education.

series co-editors


Kamden K. Strunk, Ph.D.

Series Co-Editor

Kamden Strunk is an Associate Professor of Quantitative Methodologies in Educational Research at Virginia Commonwealth University. His research focuses on sexual, gender, and racial identities in education, particularly the intersections of white supremacist cisheteropatriarchy, with an emphasis on higher education. He is also a quantitative methodologist with a publishing agenda in critical quantitative methodologies.


Stephanie Anne Shelton, Ph.D.

Series Co-Editor

Stephanie Anne Shelton is an Associate Professor of Qualitative Research in the College of Education at The University of Alabama. Her research focuses on sexualities, genders, race, class, and context in K-12 and doctoral education. She is a qualitative methodologist who often engages in feminist queer interview-, focus group-, and observation-based research. 

editorial board members

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Lee Airton, Ph.D.

Queen's University, Canada

Dr. Lee Airton is an Assistant Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies in Education at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. In recognition of their advocacy work, Dr. Airton received a 2017 Youth Role Model of the Year Award from the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity. Dr. Airton's research explores how the Ontario K-12 education system is responding to the inclusion of gender identity and and gender expression protections in human rights legislation, and how to make the collection of gender-based data in large studies more reflective of how gender is read and negotiated.  


Mollie Blackburn, Ph.D.

The Ohio State University, USA

Mollie Blackburn is a professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning at The Ohio State University. Her research focuses on literacy, language, and social change. She is the author of Interrupting Hate, editor of Adventurous Thinking, among other co-authored and co-edited books.


Brad Bloomfield, Ph.D.

Monash University, Australia

Bradley S. Bloomfield, Ph.D., BCBA-D, is a lecturer in Applied Behaviour Analysis at Monash University. His research emphasizes indirect service delivery in supporting parents and teachers, evidence-based behaviour interventions, as well as the use of technology within consultation and intervention.

Tamara Brooks 2019-20 (edited-Pixlr).jpg

Tamara Brown

Escola Americana de Bolo Horizonte, Brazil

Tamara has worked in education since 1998 in different types of schools in different places from Kansas, to New York City, to Georgia, and now in Brazil.  She has worked in the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program since 2007.  And after two decades in the biz, she still loves her job.

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Antonio Duran, Ph.D.

Arizona State University, USA

Dr. Antonio Duran (he/him/él) is an Assistant Professor in the Higher Education program at Arizona State University who studies how historical and contemporary legacies of oppression influence college student development, experiences, and success. His research mobilizes frameworks like intersectionality, queer of color critique, and quare theory in order to center the lives of those with multiple minoritized identities on college campuses.

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Harper Keenan, Ph.D.

University of British Columbia, Canada

Bio coming soon!

JB Mayo JR_2021 Head Shot.jpg

J.B. Mayo, Ph.D.

University of Minnesota, USA

J.B. Mayo, Jr. is an Associate Professor of Social Studies Education in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Minnesota. His research foci include queering standard social studies curriculum, students’ identity formation in GSAs, and the lived experiences of queer teachers.

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Raúl Alberto Mora Vélez, Ph.D. 

Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Colombia

Bio coming soon!

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EJ Renold, Ph.D.

Cardiff University, United Kingdom

Bio coming soon!

Coloma photo.jpg

Roland Sintos Coloma, Ph.D.

Wayne State University, USA

Roland Sintos Coloma is professor of Teacher Education at Wayne State University. A scholar of history, cultural studies, and education, his research addresses race, gender, and sexuality from transnational and intersectional perspectives. He served as president of the American Educational Studies Association (2018-19) and editor of Educational Studies (2014-17).


Mario Suárez, Ph.D.

Utah State University, USA

Dr. Mario I. Suárez (he/him/él) is an Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership at Utah State University. His research agenda looks at individual, environmental, contextual, and systemic factors that work together (or do not) to (re)produce unequal educational outcomes for minoritized individuals, especially LGBTQ+ individuals.

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