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Information for Authors

If you are considering a book project in the area of queer studies in education, please reach out about publishing in this book series! We are committed to publishing meaningful and intersectional scholarship, and to supporting book authors and editors in their publication journeys.

We recommend that interested authors reach out to the series co-editors to set up an initial time to meet and discuss your ideas. You do not need to have a fully formed proposal or detailed outline prior to an initial meeting - just come with your book idea and the directions you hope to go with the project. At that meeting, we can talk through the proposal and publication process, provide feedback on your idea and the direction of your project, and make an initial determination about the fit with this series. Our goal is to support authors throughout the publication process, and this initial meeting helps us move toward that goal.

All proposals go through peer review by at least two reviewers, who are typically members of the Editorial Board and/or Advisory Board, and are also reviewed by at least one (but usually both) of the series co-editors. Final manuscripts are also subject to peer review prior to publication. We are happy to provide a detailed author guide for prospective authors following an initial meeting to discuss the book idea.

The series welcomes proposals for authored books and edited books. Book projects should be focused on education and relevant to queer and trans studies. Please note that we also only consider proposals that are explicit in their attention to the ways that systems such as racism, coloniality, ableism, xenophobia, misogyny, and other systems of oppression are entangled and intersect with cisheterosexism and cisheteropatriarchy.

Brill offers competitive royalty rates and marketing services, and if a contract is offered, the details of those services as well as other supportive services can be negotiated.

To schedule an initial conversation about your project idea, visit the Contact link at the top of the page.

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